Throughout the whole first semester of my freshman year there has been one thing that has always been steady, that is blog posts. At first i thought the idea of having to write blog posts, was very pointless and tedious to say the least. I remember i would dread having to write blog posts, and analyzing two articles for the blog posts. In all honesty, i hated writing blog posts, but i never really had any reasoning behind it. My thoughts on writing blog posts began to change however, i started to enjoy writing them and realized that maybe if it wasn’t for assignments for school blog posts can be a pretty cool way for someone to gather ideas.

Blogs have bene popular for quite sometime now and there are so many different types of blogs that the world has to offer. When looking it at this perspective it is clear to see that basically anyone can get into being a blogger. This is because the audience for blogs can be as vast or as narrow as someone wants it to be. For example there are blogs that are just about sports, blogs about investing and money itself, blogs about just people’s everyday life. Blog’s open up this complete new world for people to be whoever they wish to be and express themselves in anyway they would like to do so.

Overall, i believe that writing blog posts can be very beneficial to a person’s life, it can help them to express themselves to whatever audience they wish to. This is also a great way for a student to organize thoughts on any topic and express ideas on current events. One of the things i find interesting about blogging is that blogging can be a great way to look back and see how your writing, thought process, ideas, etc. have changed over time. By creating a blog, one day people can look back and see all the process that they have made since their first blog post.

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