I recently found two articles based on a topic i have never heard of, net neutrality. I did not know what to expect when reading because i had no idea what net neutrality is. The articles that i read are “The Internet Doesn’t Have to Be Free” and “The Net Neutrality Debate in 2 Minutes or Less”. The first article ,”The Internet Doesn’t Have to Be Free”, gave a brief history of the war on net neutrality since 2002 until 2014, it goes into detail of major years within that period that net neutrality. It begins to show how the war on net neutrality started, and showed why the broadband companies think it is unfair for websites like Google and Yahoo to use the web for free. The other article “The Net Neutrality Debate in 2 Minutes or Less” is a debate between Pro and Con, Pro represents the idea that internet should be free and everyone should have equal access to the internet as it is, while Con represents the providers of internet such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. The main purpose of this article is to give a brief overview on what net neutrality is and what are the different sides of net neutrality.

The main overview of net neutrality, is that there are two beliefs, one being that internet should be easily accessible to everyone equally, without the companies that control the internet having control over how fast or slow the internet can be based on how much people pay for the money. The other belief is that people should have to pay for the internet to be faster, because it is unfair for certain companies such as Netflix or YouTube to not have to pay for the internet even though those websites require high speed internet. My personal opinion on the topic is that internet should be equally accessible to everyone. I think this because i feel that we have come so far with technology that it should be possible to allow everyone equal access. People with less money should not have a disadvantage of accessing the internet itself, if ever they should be allowed to access the simple things on the internet such as google, because it can help us as a society grow. Giving equal access to the internet would mean that no matter what your social status is you can have the same access to the internet as anyone, this would help our society thrive and would also help to somewhat make social classes lessen, as everyone will have equal access to technology that the internet provides.

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