Author Vander Ark planned to write an encyclopedia on the Harry Potter series, from JK Rowling. Later, RDR Books approached Ark asking if he would like to publish the encyclopedia that he made, for a profit. However, the problem with this is that JK Rowling, herself was planning on creating her own website, and using it for charity, meaning that it would be non-profit. Because of this Warner Bros. sued RDR books to block the publication of Vander Ark’s encyclopedia website. This case continued to go to trial where it was ruled in Rowlings favor by Judge Patterson. This meaning that Vander Ark could no longer publish his encyclopedia and instead JK Rowling, the original creator of the Harry Potter series had full rights over an encyclopedia. However Vander Ark appealed this saying that the book could be edited to fit the rights, he later published this book in 2008 it is called The Lexicon: An Unauthorized Guide to Harry Potter Fiction and Related Materials, this form of the book had a lot more commentary then the original that Vander Ark planned on publishing.

In this case, i believe that the right decision was made as i think that JK Rowling, the creator of the series, should have full rights over anything that has to do with Harry Potter. I also do not agree that Vander Ark should have been allowed to publish an edited version of his original encyclopedia. I do not think that anyone should be allowed to use Harry Potter in any context without first earning permission from JK Rowling and Warner Brothers. I think that because of the hard work and dedication that Rowling gave to the series as a whole, she should be rewarded with the rights over anything with Harry Potter. Overall i believe that in any case if someone is to dedicate a lot of time and effort into making something that turns out great, they should have full complete rights over it. They should not have to worry about others stealing ideas and trying to claim it as their own. For future reference people should follow the rules, while always asking permission to use any idea that is not their own, and give credit to the original creator.

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