Technology for all kids born in my generation has been a constant part of my life. Ever since I was a kid I have had access to things such as TVs, computers, phones, etc. Technology in this day and age is more of a given than anything. Personally, my fondest memory of technology as a kid was when I got my first video game console, the XBOX. I remember it was the day before my birthday, when I saw my parents wrapping something in the living room. When I asked what they were wrapping my mom said I would have to wait until tomorrow. The whole night I was wondering what it was, my biggest guess was that it had something to do with basketball, I thought it was going to be shoes, or maybe just a basketball itself. The next morning when I woke up my parents brought me the big box, it was a lot heavier than expected so I knew my guesses of what it could be were definitely not right. I tore open the box removing all the wrapping paper, and saw the box for the XBOX, this is the first piece of technology that brought me such joy. When I saw the box I could not stop smiling, and for the next month I played it whenever possible, only stopping for school, basketball, and food. This was just the start for me and gaming consoles. Ever since my first XBOX I have had many different consoles, and I have transformed into someone who loves to play video games. I saw them as a way to get away from everything around me, and often let me live a whole new lifestyle, such as being a pro basketball player.

Video games are what introduced me to technology, and originally made me completely enthralled with technology. Nowadays, I find myself always looking at the most recent tech whether it be cellphones, laptops, TVs, etc. I consider myself an “early adopter” among my friends, I always am talking about new tech among my friends. One of my closest friends and I are always talking about what technology we will be getting next. With me it usually is speakers, Bluetooth speakers to be exact. I always find myself wanting the newest speaker once it comes out because it appears to be much better than the previous ones I have purchased. This obsession with Bluetooth speakers has caused me to have a large number of speakers, with around 10 within the past 3 years. I use most of them, and those I do not I usually will give away to friends and family.

As you can see technology plays a major role in my life. Such a big role that I am not sure what I would do without technology, and I believe a lot kids from my generation think that way. Technology has been embedded into our lives since we were little, there is always the next best thing, and this constant new tech causes many to feel the need to get the newest technology. I believe that without technology people in my generation would be lost, imagine if someone was told that cellphones do not exist. People would go insane, in this day and age many people cannot go an hour without looking at their phone, this means that there is no possibility of people believing they can live without their phone, this causes people to feel a need for a cellphone, or any technology they think necessary. However, all technology is not necessary, even though it may seem that way, there was a time where today’s technology was obsolete. Personally I see technology as a major part of my life and I believe over my lifetime it has grown to be something that intrigues me.

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