“Blogging To Establish Your Digital Identity” an article about establishing one’s digital identity through blogging goes into detail about the benefits of blogging, and how to use it to your advantage to establish a digital identity for oneself. It answers the main question of the article which is “What are the professional benefits of blogging?” It’s answer to this question is that it sets you apart from other applicants by increasing visibility and to show one’s skillset. It goes on to give solutions to problems people may face such as time consumption, cost, and difficulty of writing. The article itself is very inspiring to someone who is just beginning a blog, it shows the benefits of having a blog, the opportunities it can bring, and overall the joy of having a blog.

Another article “Digital Literacy, Engagement, and Digital Identity Development” talks about the seven elements of digital literacies, and how they can be used to one’s advantage. The article goes in depth about how the seven elements help give a bette understanding of the digital world. With this knowledge of the digital world one can be more assertive and coherent online. It gives someone the ability to establish a real digital identity by fully understanding the digital world.

Both articles together, can be used as a guide to shaping one’s digital identity. The digital identity of someone can effect a major part of their life, so being in control and understanding how to shape one’s digital identity to their liking is a great skill to have in this day and age. Through blogging somebody is able to express ideas, feelings, opinions, etc. This helps them create a more visible and dominant digital identity, it also helps give a greater idea of what kind of person they are by reading their blog posts. All in all the two articles are great guides to help one shape their digital identity, and portray themselves online in a way they would like to be seen.

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  1. Cortney Blake Reply

    Blogging is becoming more popular and more beneficial as we continue using technology. It isn’t just a place where we can express our ideas and views, but it is also used as a tool to show employers our personality and set us apart from the average person just applying for a job with a typical resume. Having a digital identity is another important component in one’s life. It gives us a better understanding of the digital world, and also helps improve our analytical and writing skills whenever we write a new post.

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