Khan Academy is a great place for anyone to go who wants to learn about anything. The website itself offers numerous ways of learning. It includes online courses, lessons, and practice. It is a great place to not only learn new things, but to study. For example, if someone is in a class but does not fully grasp a concept, they can go on khan academy and get a detailed lesson on the topic itself. This can be great for not only review but for missed classes. For instance if someone is to miss a class khan academy is a great place for them to not fall behind and learn whatever it is that they had missed in the class. What is nice about the website is that most of the people teaching are real professors/teachers which means that they teach similarly to whatever teacher/professor most people have. The website has a vast audience as it can cover topics ranging from little kids all the way to adults. This is great tool for anyone of any age that they can take with them wherever because it is online. Technology nowadays makes places like Khan Academy thrive as it is so simple and easy to access for so many people around the world. It truly is an online classroom where anyone can go to learn about anything they wish to.

For this website, i do not see many flaws, as the ideas behind it are great, mixed with the execution make for one great place to go and learn. This overall, is definitely a website that i will use in the future as i feel it will help immensely with my overall learning process. Khan Academy is a great website for anyone who is wishing to learn anything.

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