Copyright is something that we are all awarer of, but the truth is not many people realize how copyright woks and what is technically legal and what is illegal. This is because the copyright laws can be very confusing at times. For instance the article The art of the steal: When does a copyright go too far? Discusses the limitations of copyright when it comes to art. The article first took a look at the famous painting from Leonardo Da Vinci, the “Mona Lisa.” It talked about with the painting itself people have the power to distort or change it in anyway that they would like to, they can take pictures of the original and edit the picture as much as they want. The only thing someone cant do with the “Mona Lisa” is recreate it and try to sell it as the original. However when it comes to the painting from Picasso “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” people cannot do anything with the painting as the copyright rules prevent it to be portrayed in any other way. Personally, I think that the freedoms of producing art should be completely free no matter the situation, as art is an expression of freedom, and should not have laws against it. Art should be something that people can go to and have complete freedom to express themselves freely in whatever way that they want to.

The other article i found was “Restoring The ‘Gold Standard’ To Copyright Trade Negotiations”, this article talked about how NAFTA and the DMCA are trying to figure out a way that the copyright rules can work better on the internet. One of the main ways that caught my attention, was that every time somebody posts something that violates copyright laws they are notified through the internet. Personally i think this is a great way to make people more aware of copyrights and the rules that come along with them. Overall copyrights are necessary in this world to keep people from stealing creative ideas, however i believe that there should be ways people can use ideas or things and make it their own without being penalized for violating copyright laws.

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    How can you connect these two articles? On the one hand, we see examples of how creative expression is protected in both the art world and within international trade agreements. On the other hand, there seems to be an argument to all for less copyright restrictions in support of more creative freedom.

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