Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great place for anyone to go who wants to learn about anything. The website itself offers numerous ways of learning. It includes online courses, lessons, and practice. It is a great place to not only learn new things, but to study. For example, if someone is in a class but does not fully grasp a concept, they can go on khan academy and get a detailed lesson on the topic itself. This can be great for not only review but for missed classes. For instance if someone is to miss a class khan academy is a great place for them to not fall behind and learn whatever it is that they had missed in the class. What is nice about the website is that most of the people teaching are real professors/teachers which means that they teach similarly to whatever teacher/professor most people have. The website has a vast audience as it can cover topics ranging from little kids all the way to adults. This is great tool for anyone of any age that they can take with them wherever because it is online. Technology nowadays makes places like Khan Academy thrive as it is so simple and easy to access for so many people around the world. It truly is an online classroom where anyone can go to learn about anything they wish to.

For this website, i do not see many flaws, as the ideas behind it are great, mixed with the execution make for one great place to go and learn. This overall, is definitely a website that i will use in the future as i feel it will help immensely with my overall learning process. Khan Academy is a great website for anyone who is wishing to learn anything.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a perfect place for students to go and gain help for any problem that they may have. The website itself covers a wide range of topics ranging from mathematics all the way to food and nutrition. This means that students can go to the website to find answers to just about anything. The major upside i see to the website is the work that they show on how they derived the answer. For example if you were to use the website for mathematics not only would they give you an answer, they will show you the steps necessary to find the answer itself. This can be helpful for students as they can not only find the answers to their problems, but they can see the necessary steps and learn how to find the answers themselves without using the website. This in itself i think is great as it gives two purposes to students, finding answers, and how to find the answers themselves.

The downside to the website, is that it can easily make students lazy when it comes to doing their work, and they can just go to the websites to find the answer to whatever it is they may need. This in itself is something i don’t like about the website as i think the students should use the website for its showing of work so they can learn how to solve problems on their own. However, i could definitely see a lot of students strictly using the websites for the answers and therefore never explicitly learning the content that is within the problem.

Overall, the website Wolfram Alpha, can be used as a great tool for students who wish to find answers on their own as they can learn how to find the answers themselves by looking at the steps that the website used to come up with the answer. Though, the downside of just going to the website for answers is prevalent i believe the ideology behind the website, in teaching students through the steps given by the website.

Gender Equality In Gaming

Gender equality has become a major topic in all of society for quite some time now. The dictionary defines gender equality as the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. This means that both men and women are treated equal in all aspects of life. As a human society we have made great advancements in this gender equality, as the way the world viewed women has changed immensely over the years. A lot of this is due to women speaking out, earning rights, and overall fighting for gender equality.

Society in recent times has moved more and more towards equality as a whole, whether this is gender equality, sexuality, etc. people are becoming more and more open to the ideas that others share. I think this is great and has helped to propel a lot of movements around the globe such LGBT movements, religious rights movements, and gender equality movements.

One place that I personally believe has made a lot of progress over the years is the gaming industry. I even found some articles talking about how the gaming industry can improve the gender equality, these articles include “Gender Equality in the Video Game Industry”, “Game industry has ‘to do better’ for gender equality”, and “The Slow Evolution of Women in Video Games”. The gaming industry forever has been male dominated, whether it is the people creating the games, the characters within the games, or the people playing the games. Overall when people think of the gaming industry, and the gaming society as a whole they tend to think of men and how they dominate the gaming community. When you think of the games itself, usually it is thought to be sports games such as Madden, NBA, FIFA, etc. these games themselves most of the time only have males within the games and females are nowhere to be found. This is also can be found in most shooting games, and games in general for the majority of since the gaming industry has been created. The thought of female characters in video games is rare, as even if there are females in games they are usually portrayed in specific ways. Such as a girl that is attractive, where’s tight clothing, for example the game Lara Croft, Lara is the main character and is dressed in all tight clothing. Most people may view this as sexist and say that the way that the gaming industry portrays women can be very degrading.

The gaming industry, is one of the most popular topics for most teenage boys in the world, however what people don’t realize is that there are actually a lot of female gamers as well, an article that goes more in depth is “Study Shows Which Video Game Genres Women Play Most”. In fact, 45% of gamers are female, which is surprising to most as people would think that men would dominate the gaming industry, even though males are still the majority of gamers, females are not very far behind. To add to that, if I were to ask you what age group/gender makes up the greatest population of gamers. Most people would think it would be teenage males, however the largest population of gamers is actually women aged 18 and above. With this knowledge being known why is there not more video games geared towards women? Well because these statistics are becoming more known by the day, we have seen major advancements by the gaming community.

First, when looking at sports video games, Sports video games for the longest times were always dominated by just males, they would be the ones to create the game, be the characters in the game, and play the game, I found an article that even questioned this gender inequality, titled “Where are all the women sports stars in video games?.” This article goes in depth of the great women athletes in the world and how they should be included in these games. However in recent times we have seen some changes to this. For example in most sports games, there are now a lot of female announcers, who will commentate the games instead of just male announcers. When looking at the NBA 2K series, one of the main announcers of the game is Doris Burke, who always makes an appearance in every gameplay experience. Along with this NBA 2K has created a show within their game called 2KTV, this show is hosted by a female to add more gender equality into the game, her name is Rachel Demita and she is a fan favorite amongst the community, and can be seen as one of the top spokespeople for the game itself. Taking it a step further was the FIFA series, they were the first series to incorporate women as players into the video game, there is an article behind the reasoning why FIFA made this move titled, “Behind EA’s push to put more women in sports games”. This was first seen in FIFA 17 and continued through FIFA 18, this was a big step I believe for the sports gaming community, as I believe many other sports games are to follow, such as a new cricket game that is emerging, and has stated that there will be a whole collection of female teams within the game. FIFA also hopes to incorporate more and more teams each year with females into their games. As you can see the sports gaming community has made a huge push for trying to include more and more females in any way possible.

Second, we can take a look at shooting/fighting games, first looking at the popular series of Mortal Kombat, they have always incorporated female characters into the game, and they continue to add more and more in each game. This in itself shows how the creators of the game care about the equal treatment of both males and females within their own game, as they understand that their game reaches a high population from both genders. Now we will take a look at perhaps one of the most popular game series of all time, Call of Duty, the reason i found this was an article i found titled, “Yes, you should be able to play as women in Call of Duty: WWII” this article gives reasoning why women should be incorporated into the game. Call of Duty is known as the top tier shooting game in the world, and forever has been mainly geared to men with having limited to no females within the game. However recently the creators of Call of Duty have made a huge step forward. They began to allow players to make their characters female, instead of just male for their multiplayer series. This means that you can now be both male and female so that if females are playing the game they do not feel limited to just having to choose from male characters. Another thing that the series has incorporated is female characters within the story mode of the campaign, this is a big deal, and I believe this is a huge step for the gaming community as a whole. Call of Duty is known as one of the most famous video games of all time and to see them try and create a more gender equal environment within the gaming community, can help for future games to also do the same. This also goes for the sports video games, which are also very popular amongst the gaming community, with both types of games making movements towards gender equality I believe a lot of games will continue to follow in the future.

As you can see, the gaming industry has made great progress over time in creating a more open community to both genders. I strongly believe that this has to do with the influence of society. The gaming industry has made great movements towards more gender equality within their games. Because of this I believe that the future is bright for gender equality not only in the gaming world, but in the real world itself. It is really great to see what the influence of people can do, and how by just spreading the word, people can make a huge difference in the world as a whole.

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Why Is Writing Blog Posts Helpful?

Throughout the whole first semester of my freshman year there has been one thing that has always been steady, that is blog posts. At first i thought the idea of having to write blog posts, was very pointless and tedious to say the least. I remember i would dread having to write blog posts, and analyzing two articles for the blog posts. In all honesty, i hated writing blog posts, but i never really had any reasoning behind it. My thoughts on writing blog posts began to change however, i started to enjoy writing them and realized that maybe if it wasn’t for assignments for school blog posts can be a pretty cool way for someone to gather ideas.

Blogs have bene popular for quite sometime now and there are so many different types of blogs that the world has to offer. When looking it at this perspective it is clear to see that basically anyone can get into being a blogger. This is because the audience for blogs can be as vast or as narrow as someone wants it to be. For example there are blogs that are just about sports, blogs about investing and money itself, blogs about just people’s everyday life. Blog’s open up this complete new world for people to be whoever they wish to be and express themselves in anyway they would like to do so.

Overall, i believe that writing blog posts can be very beneficial to a person’s life, it can help them to express themselves to whatever audience they wish to. This is also a great way for a student to organize thoughts on any topic and express ideas on current events. One of the things i find interesting about blogging is that blogging can be a great way to look back and see how your writing, thought process, ideas, etc. have changed over time. By creating a blog, one day people can look back and see all the process that they have made since their first blog post.


Bitcoin, is a new type of currency that entered the world 2010. In 2010 Bitcoin was worth less than once cent of USD(United States Dollar), and now after November 29, Bitcoin reached an all time high of being worth 11,000 USD. This means that one single Bitcoin has grown in value from less than a cent to over 11,000 in just 7 years. The article “All You Need to Know About Bitcoin’s Rise, From $0.01 to $11,000” goes into depth about what bitcoin is, how it works, and its growth over the years. The article goes into detail about 10 major points, all pertaining to different aspects of Bitcoin. The basics of Bitcoin, is that it is a cryptocurrency, that is digital meaning it is created by complex algorithms that are nearly impossible to crack. These algorithms create coins that are digital so there is no actual physical “Bitcoin”, the process of creating these coins is called “mining.” Every time that coins are mined the more Bitcoin will be worth. For example if you invested 1 dollar into Bitcoin in 2010 by 2017 you would have made 1.4 million dollars. For this reason, Bitcoin is a hot commodity for most to try and invest and make money by putting money into the Bitcoin stock.

Many believe that since the Bitcoin market itself is very volatile, that it is just a bubble and that it can pop at anytime, meaning that Bitcoin could randomly become worth next to nothing at any given time. I found an article called “This is What Could Pop the Bitcoin Bubble.” This article going into how and why the bubble could pop. There are many different reasons but the two that caught my eye in the article were “Hacked to Pieces” and “Knifed by a Fork.” Hacked to pieces, talks about the system becoming hacked and these hackers would be able to gain all the money that Bitcoin and its investors have ever earned. Knifed by a fork talks about the other types of cryptocurrencies, that have basically done the same thing as Bitcoin. These other currencies can cause a bug for Bitcoin thus causing it to fail. Personally, i believe that Bitcoin is a very sketchy thing to invest in but at the same time i can see the way people can make money off of it. I think that if someone is to invest in Bitcoin they should do research for a while before doing so that they know what they’re investing in before blindly making a decision. I believe that this would be a smart way to make money off of investing in Bitcoin.