What is Net Neutrality?

I recently found two articles based on a topic i have never heard of, net neutrality. I did not know what to expect when reading because i had no idea what net neutrality is. The articles that i read are “The Internet Doesn’t Have to Be Free” and “The Net Neutrality Debate in 2 Minutes or Less”. The first article ,”The Internet Doesn’t Have to Be Free”, gave a brief history of the war on net neutrality since 2002 until 2014, it goes into detail of major years within that period that net neutrality. It begins to show how the war on net neutrality started, and showed why the broadband companies think it is unfair for websites like Google and Yahoo to use the web for free. The other article “The Net Neutrality Debate in 2 Minutes or Less” is a debate between Pro and Con, Pro represents the idea that internet should be free and everyone should have equal access to the internet as it is, while Con represents the providers of internet such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. The main purpose of this article is to give a brief overview on what net neutrality is and what are the different sides of net neutrality.

The main overview of net neutrality, is that there are two beliefs, one being that internet should be easily accessible to everyone equally, without the companies that control the internet having control over how fast or slow the internet can be based on how much people pay for the money. The other belief is that people should have to pay for the internet to be faster, because it is unfair for certain companies such as Netflix or YouTube to not have to pay for the internet even though those websites require high speed internet. My personal opinion on the topic is that internet should be equally accessible to everyone. I think this because i feel that we have come so far with technology that it should be possible to allow everyone equal access. People with less money should not have a disadvantage of accessing the internet itself, if ever they should be allowed to access the simple things on the internet such as google, because it can help us as a society grow. Giving equal access to the internet would mean that no matter what your social status is you can have the same access to the internet as anyone, this would help our society thrive and would also help to somewhat make social classes lessen, as everyone will have equal access to technology that the internet provides.

Shaping A Digital Identity

“Blogging To Establish Your Digital Identity” an article about establishing one’s digital identity through blogging goes into detail about the benefits of blogging, and how to use it to your advantage to establish a digital identity for oneself. It answers the main question of the article which is “What are the professional benefits of blogging?” It’s answer to this question is that it sets you apart from other applicants by increasing visibility and to show one’s skillset. It goes on to give solutions to problems people may face such as time consumption, cost, and difficulty of writing. The article itself is very inspiring to someone who is just beginning a blog, it shows the benefits of having a blog, the opportunities it can bring, and overall the joy of having a blog.

Another article “Digital Literacy, Engagement, and Digital Identity Development” talks about the seven elements of digital literacies, and how they can be used to one’s advantage. The article goes in depth about how the seven elements help give a bette understanding of the digital world. With this knowledge of the digital world one can be more assertive and coherent online. It gives someone the ability to establish a real digital identity by fully understanding the digital world.

Both articles together, can be used as a guide to shaping one’s digital identity. The digital identity of someone can effect a major part of their life, so being in control and understanding how to shape one’s digital identity to their liking is a great skill to have in this day and age. Through blogging somebody is able to express ideas, feelings, opinions, etc. This helps them create a more visible and dominant digital identity, it also helps give a greater idea of what kind of person they are by reading their blog posts. All in all the two articles are great guides to help one shape their digital identity, and portray themselves online in a way they would like to be seen.

Digital Identity Sources

The two articles “Digital identity trends – 5 forces that are shaping 2017” and “Who are you? Defining digital identity and authentication technologies”(links both below) focus on the idea of people’s digital identity. This is directed to a person’s online identity taken on, the way that people use these identities vary from many things such as for jobs, school, or just for fun. However one’s digital identity can have a major effect on how one is viewed by their superiors. For example one can be judged based on their digital identity and lose a job opportunity, due to them making a stupid mistake. Both articles do a great job of describing digital identities and suggesting ideas one can shape their own digital identity.



Googling Myself

When i first saw the assignment of googling myself i did not know what to expect. I knew going into it that it would not be a problem to find myself as my name is not very common. But that also made me wonder if there was another Blake Hlatky in the world and i was intrigued to find out if this was so. When i thought about the assignment i thought the only things that would show up is basketball videos and my social media. I was right, as the first page was my social media, basketball articles, and basketball videos of myself. By googling myself it is easy to see that basketball is something that means a lot to me as it is all over my social media, and has to do with most links that pop up when i googled my name. I think that my digital identity is very much like the real me, my online identity shows that basketball takes up a major part of my life, and i believe that my digital identity is a good indication of the type of person i am.

There was a lot of information on me that could be found if one was to simply google search “Blake Hlatky.” Someone could see where I am from, when I was born, what I have recently done, etc. This took me by surprise, as i did not expect it to be easy to find information on somebody who is not a celebrity. This is a scary thought, because a lot of people probably are just as easy to find information about. It makes you want to think twice about things you do online, as any information that is out there can be found online with just the click of a button.

This made me think about future me, and how i would like to portray myself online. I want my digital identity to be very similar to my actual self. I want people to be able to get an idea of who i am by simply seeing my digital identity. By googling myself, i have learned a lot about the internet and how easy it is for someone to access information. It also made me think about my digital identity and ways that i can shape it to be the way i would like it to be. I think googling yourself is a great way to see what your digital identity is and can give guidance if one wants their digital identity to be perceived differently

Technology Autobiography

Technology for all kids born in my generation has been a constant part of my life. Ever since I was a kid I have had access to things such as TVs, computers, phones, etc. Technology in this day and age is more of a given than anything. Personally, my fondest memory of technology as a kid was when I got my first video game console, the XBOX. I remember it was the day before my birthday, when I saw my parents wrapping something in the living room. When I asked what they were wrapping my mom said I would have to wait until tomorrow. The whole night I was wondering what it was, my biggest guess was that it had something to do with basketball, I thought it was going to be shoes, or maybe just a basketball itself. The next morning when I woke up my parents brought me the big box, it was a lot heavier than expected so I knew my guesses of what it could be were definitely not right. I tore open the box removing all the wrapping paper, and saw the box for the XBOX, this is the first piece of technology that brought me such joy. When I saw the box I could not stop smiling, and for the next month I played it whenever possible, only stopping for school, basketball, and food. This was just the start for me and gaming consoles. Ever since my first XBOX I have had many different consoles, and I have transformed into someone who loves to play video games. I saw them as a way to get away from everything around me, and often let me live a whole new lifestyle, such as being a pro basketball player.

Video games are what introduced me to technology, and originally made me completely enthralled with technology. Nowadays, I find myself always looking at the most recent tech whether it be cellphones, laptops, TVs, etc. I consider myself an “early adopter” among my friends, I always am talking about new tech among my friends. One of my closest friends and I are always talking about what technology we will be getting next. With me it usually is speakers, Bluetooth speakers to be exact. I always find myself wanting the newest speaker once it comes out because it appears to be much better than the previous ones I have purchased. This obsession with Bluetooth speakers has caused me to have a large number of speakers, with around 10 within the past 3 years. I use most of them, and those I do not I usually will give away to friends and family.

As you can see technology plays a major role in my life. Such a big role that I am not sure what I would do without technology, and I believe a lot kids from my generation think that way. Technology has been embedded into our lives since we were little, there is always the next best thing, and this constant new tech causes many to feel the need to get the newest technology. I believe that without technology people in my generation would be lost, imagine if someone was told that cellphones do not exist. People would go insane, in this day and age many people cannot go an hour without looking at their phone, this means that there is no possibility of people believing they can live without their phone, this causes people to feel a need for a cellphone, or any technology they think necessary. However, all technology is not necessary, even though it may seem that way, there was a time where today’s technology was obsolete. Personally I see technology as a major part of my life and I believe over my lifetime it has grown to be something that intrigues me.

Life Through a Digital Lense

The amount of time we spend on our social media, and technology is outstanding. This has always been a steady increase, in the amount of time we spend on technology. This is due to many things, the main reason being the amount and accessibility of technology available. Two great resources are “Worldometers” and “Internet Live Stats” both of these websites have never ending stats constantly being updated. Some of these include internet users in the world, number of websites, emails sent today, tweets sent, etc. Most, if not all of these stats on these websites are always increasing in numbers. These numbers can make somebody really think about the growth of technology through the years. For example, 100 years ago there were no smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. there are not many people nowadays that can go a day without all of these things, it shows that growth over years has been remarkable. With the increased growth newer, better, faster technology has been created at a much speedier pace. The growth of technology is incredible, imagine that there was a time in which humans who inhabited Earth lived with the minimum. Many just had nature for things such as a house, food, etc. so the last thing on their minds were “the newest tech” instead they were focused on survival. This shows how the human population has grown immensely over time. It also shows how technology is able to make life much simpler for many, that way people can focus on many other things without having to worry about survival.

Blog Post #2

There are two articles that draw the common interest in domains “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?” and “The Web We Need To Give Students.” Domains can be used and owned by almost everyone in this day and age. Schools all across the country are giving student’s their own domains. A real domain in which the student has full control and ownership of. The first article, “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It” talks about how students do not have true ownerships of their domains, due to the fact they often need to use their domains for assignments given to them by teachers, those of which will be graded. The second article, “The Web We Need To Give Students” focuses on the ways in which we can make the web better for students, such as access, ownership, agency, and presence online. Personally, I believe that domains are great opportunities for people to express feelings about any particular topic, idea, etc. I believe both articles are both true in that sense. My favorite quote from these two articles comes at the end of “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It”. The quote it “The question bigger than data ownership is how to make ownership over ideas happen.” I believe this question hits home with a lot people. All together the web is a great place for anyone to express feelings, ideas, thoughts, etc. However when things like this happen how do we know who spoke, heard, felt the words written on our screens. At the end of the day the web is a great place and has made a lot of things of today easier.


First Blog

I am expecting a lot from this course, I am expecting to learn a lot about not only technology, but how it affects my life and it what ways it does. I intend to learn about my digital presence, whether that is on social media or through my Berg Builds page. I believe the Berg Builds page gives me a presence on the internet, a space where i can share my thoughts on anything. Technology in itself plays a major role in my life and i use it on a regular basis, whether it is a laptop, xbox, phone, TV, etc. I think technology is very important in a lot of our lives and helps us to do a lot of things in a more efficient amount of time. Personally, i do not have any concerns about having public academic presence, I think it serves as a tool to help me share thoughts to the public.

Hello world!

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