Life Through a Digital Lense

The amount of time we spend on our social media, and technology is outstanding. This has always been a steady increase, in the amount of time we spend on technology. This is due to many things, the main reason being the amount and accessibility of technology available. Two great resources are “Worldometers” and “Internet Live Stats” both of these websites have never ending stats constantly being updated. Some of these include internet users in the world, number of websites, emails sent today, tweets sent, etc. Most, if not all of these stats on these websites are always increasing in numbers. These numbers can make somebody really think about the growth of technology through the years. For example, 100 years ago there were no smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. there are not many people nowadays that can go a day without all of these things, it shows that growth over years has been remarkable. With the increased growth newer, better, faster technology has been created at a much speedier pace. The growth of technology is incredible, imagine that there was a time in which humans who inhabited Earth lived with the minimum. Many just had nature for things such as a house, food, etc. so the last thing on their minds were “the newest tech” instead they were focused on survival. This shows how the human population has grown immensely over time. It also shows how technology is able to make life much simpler for many, that way people can focus on many other things without having to worry about survival.

Blog Post #2

There are two articles that draw the common interest in domains “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?” and “The Web We Need To Give Students.” Domains can be used and owned by almost everyone in this day and age. Schools all across the country are giving student’s their own domains. A real domain in which the student has full control and ownership of. The first article, “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It” talks about how students do not have true ownerships of their domains, due to the fact they often need to use their domains for assignments given to them by teachers, those of which will be graded. The second article, “The Web We Need To Give Students” focuses on the ways in which we can make the web better for students, such as access, ownership, agency, and presence online. Personally, I believe that domains are great opportunities for people to express feelings about any particular topic, idea, etc. I believe both articles are both true in that sense. My favorite quote from these two articles comes at the end of “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It”. The quote it “The question bigger than data ownership is how to make ownership over ideas happen.” I believe this question hits home with a lot people. All together the web is a great place for anyone to express feelings, ideas, thoughts, etc. However when things like this happen how do we know who spoke, heard, felt the words written on our screens. At the end of the day the web is a great place and has made a lot of things of today easier.


First Blog

I am expecting a lot from this course, I am expecting to learn a lot about not only technology, but how it affects my life and it what ways it does. I intend to learn about my digital presence, whether that is on social media or through my Berg Builds page. I believe the Berg Builds page gives me a presence on the internet, a space where i can share my thoughts on anything. Technology in itself plays a major role in my life and i use it on a regular basis, whether it is a laptop, xbox, phone, TV, etc. I think technology is very important in a lot of our lives and helps us to do a lot of things in a more efficient amount of time. Personally, i do not have any concerns about having public academic presence, I think it serves as a tool to help me share thoughts to the public.

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